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Guided Meditation: Calming Moments

Anxiety arises for most of us multiple times a day. This Calming Moments meditation can help us relax and reset in just 5 minutes.

Our meditations are best practiced by listening to the recorded version, which we've included for you here:

If you'd like to familiarize yourself with the meditation before listening, you can read the transcript below:

Sit comfortably straight, feet flat on the floor.

Relax your entire body from the top of your head to your toes.

Close your eyes or soften your gaze.

Take in a deep cleansing breath and sigh with relief on the out-breath.

Then breathe normally.

Give yourself permission to relax and be still.

Whatever activity is happening in your life can wait for a few minutes. Set it aside.

You deserve this brief break.

Focus your attention on calm.

Picture a calming scene. Perhaps water rippling across a pond or a mountain top in the distance or a shady tree surrounded by thick grass.

In this moment, all is well.

There is only now. Appreciate the stillness of now.

Simply sit in a state of complete relaxation, enjoying the moments as they pass.

As thoughts pop into your head, simply observe them and let them go. Just breathe.

When you feel ready, gently open your eyes or refocus your gaze.

Observe your environment.

Take in another deep cleansing breath and sigh with relief on the outbreath.

Feel gratitude for this feeling of calm and that all is well in this moment.

Thanks for tuning in!

This podcast is part of the Airwave Media podcast network. Visit to listen and subscribe to other great shows like The Daily Meditation Podcast, Everything Everywhere and Movie Therapy. We’d deeply appreciate your support at Our podcast is now available to view on our YouTube Channel, so be sure to follow us there and on Instagram @amindfulmomentpodcast.

A Mindful Moment is written and hosted by Teresa McKee and/or Melissa Sims. The Spanish version is translated and hosted by Paola Theil. Intro music, Retreat, by Jason Farnham. Outro music, Morning Stroll by Josh Kirsch, Media Right Productions. Thank you for tuning in! This podcast is produced by Work2Live Productions.

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