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Guided Meditation: Grounding into Nature

We have at our fingertips the power and beauty of nature, even if we are nowhere near the open space of the outdoors. When feeling too busy, stressed, overwhelmed, or any way other than calm, you can use this meditation to center yourself and shift your energy in just 5 minutes.

There is something inherently calming about being in nature. Whether you prefer listening to the sounds of flowing waterscapes, appreciating the soft undulations of lush green hills, or walking under the canopy of the majestic trees of the forest, just being in the presence of the beauty of that which we came from is likely to speak deep into your being.

The rawness of our earth can be therapeutic, and the amazing power of it can be tapped into almost anywhere.

Find a space where you feel comfortable and begin to quiet the noise. You can close your eyes or soften your gaze. As you settle in, you understand that whatever you have to do later can wait. Whatever happened earlier, it’s over. There are no to-do’s right now. There is nothing else you need to think about right now but this. There is only this moment. Take a few deep breaths on your own, and allow your mind to relax.

Notice where your body is touching the ground. Feel the earth beneath you, taking the time to allow its energy to flow through you and comfort you. Allow the earth to hold this space with you.

As you sit here, feeling comfort, visualize that you are in a field. The field is full of trees, grass, and beautiful flowers. The wind is moving delicately through the field, and you listen to hear the sound of the breeze. It moves over your skin as you feel the warmth of the sun. You hear birds chirping in the distance. You begin to walk through the field, touching the velvety petals of the flowers as you make your way to a majestic tree. The tree provides you with shade, and the sun’s light filters through the leaves, sparkling on the ground below. From under the tree, you look out onto the field, appreciating the beauty, the life, and the serenity of your surroundings.

As the filtered light moves across your face, you feel a connection to the earth. It fills you full of love and appreciation, and a calm energy settles over you.

Take a few more long breaths and allow your body to feel the power of the earth.

You can open your eyes or refocus your gaze.


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