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Guided Meditation: Listening to Your Intuition

We don't always need to look outward to find answers. Trusting our intuition, and learning to quiet the noise in order to listen to our inner wisdom, can be more beneficial than you think.

Our meditations are best practiced by listening to the podcast, so we've included it here for you:

If you'd like to read the meditation first, you can find it below.

As with all meditations, if you begin to feel discomfort, simply stop the meditation. You can always try it again another time.

Find yourself a comfortable position sitting upright in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, legs uncrossed, back resting gently against the back of the chair, arms unfolded resting lightly on your thighs with palms facing up.

Take a deep cleansing breath in through your nose to the count of four. Exhale through your mouth to the count of eight and as you exhale relax your mind.

Take another deep breath and follow your breath, recognizing it as the energy that fuels your body. As you exhale, relax your body. Now allow your breath to be effortless and automatic. Continue breathing as you begin to completely relax your body. Start by focusing on your toes. Notice what's there. Fill this part of your body with warm and loving kindness. Then focus on your legs - your calves, shins, knees, and thighs. Again just notice what's there and send gentle and loving thoughts to your legs.

Now focus on your pelvic area, noticing any tension that may be stored here, and let it go. You don't need it anymore. Let it flow down your thighs, your knees, through your calves to your feet, right through the ends of your toes and onto the floor.

Now bring your awareness to your abdomen and stomach area. Again, just notice what's there and allow anything that needs to go, to flow out with every exhale. Now bring your attention to your back, from the base of your spine, traveling slowly up to the middle, going further up, all the way to your shoulders. As you exhale, any tension can be released now, as you no longer need to carry it. Let it flow down through your back, down to the pelvis, and continuing on through your legs, all the way to your feet and right through the ends of your toes onto the floor.

Now focus on your chest area - your lungs and your heart. Intentionally inhale and fill your lungs with a cushion of healing energy. Notice the chest rise as you bring attention to it. As you exhale, release anything that needs to go. Imagine the energy of breath flowing through your heart. As you do this, imagine a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the gift of breath.

Allow this feeling to flow into your heart and from there, throughout the rest of your body. Now focus on your arms and hands. Notice what's there and let go of anything that needs to go. Let it flow from your shoulders down your upper arms, your elbows, your wrist, your hands, and right to the ends of your fingers and out of your body.

Next, pay attention to your neck and throat. Inhale and fill this area with healing energy and feel a gentle release as you exhale. Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth and feel your jaw relax. Allow it to drop and hang down, totally relaxed. Bring your awareness to your face including your cheeks, your eyes, and your forehead, tightening all these muscles as you do so. Hold on to that tightness and now release the tension.

Notice the difference in how you feel. Now, focus on your scalp from your forehead and ears all the way up and over, and down to the base of your scalp at your neck. Again, just notice what's there and let go of anything that needs to go. Now take a deep cleansing breath and fill your entire body and head with a cushion of healing energy. As you exhale, let go of anything that you no longer need to hold on to.

As your body comes into an awareness of itself, imagine there is a white light shining down on you. It enters your body at the crown of your head, filling you with healing energy, going down your neck, your throat, down your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae.

As this light touches your inner self, you feel warmth and comfort. The joy that this light brings you cannot be contained by only you. It begins to shine out in front of you, behind you, and beside you - as far as you can see. It shines right through the bottom of your feet into the earth. As it fills you and everything around you, it warms, cleanses, clears, and heals. It connects you to the universe and to the Earth, all at the same time. It connects the within with the without and with creation. In this moment, you see that all is one.

As your inner self is enjoying this peaceful relaxed feeling, imagine that you were walking along a path. You come to a welcoming gate which had been left open for you, leading to a beautiful garden. As you enter the garden, you notice how peaceful and serene it is. You close the gate behind you, and see a blanket has been left for you to sit down amongst the beauty and peace of the garden. You walk over to the blanket, sit down and close your eyes. As you settle into the peacefulness, you go within. Setting your intention to connect with and communicate with your intuition. Your inner state begins to settle into a calm and quiet place. You focus your awareness on what arises from this calm quiet place inside you.

You might imagine a blank notebook in front of you. If you have a question you need answered, write it down, and wait for an answer. If you don't have a question just sit quietly. Either way, pay attention to any thoughts, mental pictures, bodily sensations, healing energy, smells, colors, or memories that arise.

Allow your inner knowing to speak to you. Tune in to sensations that arise. Notice if anything gets written into the notebook for you. Ask for guidance if you’d like. Perhaps ask for signs that might help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. Then relax and just be. Allow whatever comes up to exist peacefully with you in this moment.

If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to your intention to connect with your intuition. For the next few moments, wait patiently, watch, and listen. Be receptive to what is presenting itself to you. Pay attention and trust that you are receiving exactly what you need to know right now.

(Pause 2 minutes)

Now that you have had this experience in connection with your intuition and perhaps received important messages and guidance, be grateful that you are getting better and better about being mindful of your intuition. Bring your awareness back to your body in the garden, sitting comfortably on the blanket. Slowly stand up and walk quietly toward the gate. Open it, walk through, and leave it open as you found it.

Walk along the path and return to this room bringing the peace and wisdom you found in the garden with you. You can open your eyes when you are ready.

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