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Guided Meditation: Mindful Eating

Research shows that mindful eating can lead to increased psychological well-being, increased weight control and a strengthening of mindfulness skills in other areas of life. We use an apple in this meditation, but you can choose any healthy food to follow along.

Our meditations are best practiced by listening to the podcast, so we've included that below for you:

If you'd like to read the meditation to familiarize yourself first, here you go!

We’ll get centered by taking in three deep breaths. Breathing in, breathing out naturally, noticing our breath.

We’re using an apple for this meditation, but you can use any healthy food you have available.

Start by washing and drying the apple, paying focused attention.

[10 seconds]

Look at the apple in your palm and ask yourself, “When I eat an apple, am I really enjoying eating it? Or am I so preoccupied with other thoughts that I miss the delights that the apple offers me?”

[5 seconds]

Give your undivided attention to the apple. [5 seconds]

Notice its weight in your hand. [5 seconds]

Look at the colors of the skin. [5 seconds]

Smell the apple. [5 seconds]

What variation of apple is it? [5 seconds]

Notice how your stomach feels before you begin eating. [5 seconds]

Does it feel empty, hungry? [5 seconds]

Is it comfortable, uncomfortable? [5 seconds]

Can you connect how it feels with hunger? [5 seconds]

As you think of taking a bite of the apple, do you salivate? [5 seconds]

Now smile at the apple and, slowly, take a bite and chew it. Be aware of your breath and focus on the experience. [5 seconds]

What does it feel like in your mouth? [5 seconds]

What does it taste like? [5 seconds]

What sounds do you hear as you eat it? [7 seconds]

What is it like to chew and swallow it? [5 seconds]

Chew slowly and completely. Notice the feel of the apple in your mouth, on your tongue, on your teeth. Pay attention to how the apple feels as you swallow and it leaves your mouth and slides down your throat. [5 seconds]

Notice if there is any food still in your mouth after you’ve swallowed or if it’s empty now. [5 seconds]

Take another bite and chew consciously, savoring the taste of the apple and its nourishment, immersing yourself completely in the experience. Appreciate the apple as it is. [7 seconds]

If your mind wanders from the apple to other thoughts while you are eating, gently return the attention to the apple. [3 seconds]

Continue eating the apple until you feel done or full. [3 minutes

Once finished, notice how your stomach feels. [5 seconds]

Does it feel differently from how it felt before you started eating the apple? [5 seconds]

As you become fully aware of eating the apple, or any other food you eat, you also become fully aware of the present moment.

You become fully engaged in the here and now which strengthens your mindfulness skills.


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A Mindful Moment is written and hosted by Teresa McKee and/or Melissa Sims. The Spanish version, Un Momento En Atención Plena is translated and hosted by Paola Theil. Intro music, Retreat, by Jason Farnham. Outro music, Morning Stroll by Josh Kirsch, Media Right Productions. Thank you for tuning in! This podcast is produced by Work2Live Productions.

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