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Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Emotions

Our emotions are running nonstop every day, both positive and negative. We can’t stop our emotions, but we can become aware of them and if desired, shift them. This xx minute meditation will help us tune into our emotions and judgments while reminding us that like our thoughts, emotions ebb and flow.

Sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor. You may wish to close your eyes or soften your gaze.

Breathe normally, focusing on all of the sensations of the breath. There’s no need to change anything. Simply observe.

Now notice how you feel in this moment. Gently and nonjudgmentally, just notice the feelings you’re experiencing. If you can, name the feeling that you’re noticing right now.

Notice if this feeling is pleasant or unpleasant.

Notice if the feeling is constant or fleeting. Strong or mild. Try not to change the feeling, but simply allow it to be as you watch what it does. Try to stay focused on this feeling with curiosity.

If the feeling is from the past or the future, try to focus on what it feels like now, in this moment.

If your attention wanders, gently return it to the feeling you’re experiencing right now.

How does this emotion feel in your body? Notice where you’re feeling it. Is it comfortable or uncomfortable in your body?

Have you ever noticed this feeling before?

Are your muscles relaxed or tense?

Notice any thoughts that may be arising. Acknowledge them without judgment and let them go. Return your attention back to your emotions. As one emotion recedes another rises. Continue this process of observing with curiosity. Allow whatever emotions arise to simply be. Notice how they feel, how they change. Name any feelings that you notice.

Remember that you are not your emotions, just as you are not your thoughts. They are events that come and go, rise and fall.

Do you recognize any desire to hang on to certain emotions? What about rejecting any emotions? Try to just allow them to be, as long as it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable.

Now return your attention to your breath. Breathing in, breathing out. [Pause 5 seconds]

Relaxing the body.

Bring your attention back to the environment you’re in. Open your eyes or refocus your gaze. Take in a deep breath through the nose if you can and slowly release through the mouth. As you bring your meditation to a close, you might wish to stretch your body or move around a bit.

Spend a few moments reflecting on what came up for you during this meditation. Where you felt the emotions in your body, what meaning if any they had for you, whether you wanted to change any of the emotions, and perhaps whether you feel you can replace negative emotions with positive emotions.

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