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Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Words

Words are powerful, but are we aware of the words we use on a regular basis and why we use them? This meditation enhances awareness of words to increase our understanding of why we choose them. It increases our ability to remain mindful when speaking, while exploring opportunities for change.

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Our meditations are best practiced by listening, so here's the audio for your convenience:

If you'd like to read the script to familiarize yourself, here you go!

Sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor, back resting against a chair and arms resting gently in your lap with palms facing up.

Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Take a moment to focus on your breath, taking in a few deep breaths through the nose if you can and exhale slowly through the mouth. With each breath, notice that you are relaxing and clearing out the mind. Inhale awareness, exhale distraction.

As I say a word, notice what comes up in you as I say it, such as a thought, feeling, urge, image or physical sensation. Don’t try to analyze or force a thought. Just notice what your mind and body do in response to each word.























As you bring your awareness back to the present moment, consider these words, or other words you use on a regular basis. Are the words you are using beneficial to you? Or are they harmful or triggering? Are there words you might be able to replace with more positive choices? Take in a deep cleansing breath and sigh with relief. Notice the words you use and how they make you feel throughout the rest of your day.


One more time, please support the podcast by taking the short listener survey at or click on the link in the episode notes. We really want to hear from you and thank you in advance. Don’t forget, you can enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card at the end of the survey.

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A Mindful Moment is written and hosted by Teresa McKee and/or Melissa Sims. The Spanish version is translated and hosted by Paola Theil. Intro music, Retreat, by Jason Farnham. Outro music, Morning Stroll by Josh Kirsch, Media Right Productions. Thank you for tuning in! This podcast is produced by Work2Live Productions.

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