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Mindful Moments with Doctor Z

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Patricia E. Zurita Ona, known as Dr. Z, back on our show recently. She is a licensed clinical psychologist originally from Bolivia and runs a boutique therapy practice specializing in getting people unstuck from worries, obsessions, fears, and anxieties. She is a passionate proponent of ACT. Her new book, Acceptance and Commitment Skills for Perfectionism and High-Achieving Behaviors was recently published and as a recovering perfectionist myself, I was interested in finding out how to use those tendencies to my benefit.

Thank you again to Dr. Z for joining us and sharing so much information on how high achievers can work with their perfectionist tendencies. You can find more information on her work at, and you can find her podcast wherever you listen by searching You’ll find a link to her book on our website at and you can see the entire interview on our YouTube channel @work2live.

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