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Mindful Moments with Dr. Sean Sullivan

At a time when we’re experiencing a global mental health crisis, Dr. Sean Sullivan talks about how we can address this challenge individually and on a worldwide scale.

Dr. Sean Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist who in addition to writing articles and popular psychology books, has created countless digital mental health, wellness and peak performance psychology courses, apps, tools and virtual reality treatments. He has been featured extensively in national and international publications including The New York Times, Forbes, and Huffington Post.

Based on researching the impact of teaching his patients how to strategically shift their state of mind in just a few minutes, Dr. Sullivan developed Shift Therapy to guide anyone through shifting into a better state of mind from their smartphone in under 10 minutes anytime. He is the founder and CEO of OnePerfect, an enterprise mental health and wellness platform that delivers personalized mindset ‘shifting’ experiences.

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