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Mindful Moments with Mari Vasan

In a youth-worshiping society, it may feel like the best of life is over by 45, but that’s not true. Mari Vasan talks to us about the benefits of hypnosis in changing our beliefs.

As a successful senior executive on wall street, a dedicated philanthropist and a mom, Mari Vasan found herself burned out at 34.

She found science-based hypnosis practices as a way to reduce stress and de-program harmful beliefs and soon started sharing that knowledge with others.

In addition to over a decade of working with talented women who had lost their zest for life, she also responded to the worldwide mental health crisis by starting a nonprofit platform,, which offers free mental health tools (such as hypnosis audios) from

thought leaders and top trainers in the transformation industry, to anyone, anywhere.

To find out more about Mari Vasan and her "Supercharge Your MidLife Transformation" please visit her website,


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