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Mindful Moments with Michael Keet

Michael Keet was a high school dropout, and at the age of 21 was labeled as “underprivileged” with no relevant education or work experience. He earned his degree in Accounting and Finance and, within nine years, Michael went from “underprivileged” to finance director at the age of 30 before becoming an entrepreneur and developing online accounting software to help small business owners. He is also a certified mindfulness coach and has been published in and interviewed by the Dutch Financial Times, along with other local newspapers. Michael currently resides in Noord Brabant, The Netherlands.

Moneyfulness® shows us how we think about money, how we prevent money from coming to us, and how we can change our mindsets in order to secure financial success. In addition to stories about real people, it provides effective strategies to change our thinking about money and step-by-step financial exercises to get our money on track through a mindful lens.

Thanks again to Michael for showing us how to mindfully manage and enhance our finances through his Moneyfulness® system. Again, you can connect with Michael at and you can find a link to his book at

Listen to the podcast:

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