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New Book Recommendation!

I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Speaking of thanks, if you haven’t read the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White, I highly recommend it. I first read the book several years ago and it was very eye-opening, as I had never considered the receiver experience, including my own. I do not appreciate (highly value) people saying thank you or complimenting me with praise, which I was not aware of prior to reading the book. Instead, I was aware that I found verbal praise somewhat irritating. Someone would say, “You were fantastic,” and I would think, “I’m just doing my job.” It turns out, verbal praises are the language of “Words of Affirmation.” While this is the most common language for people to feel appreciated, it’s not my language. It turns out my language is “Acts of Service.” When someone steps up to support me or assist me when I need help, I feel truly appreciated. Other languages of appreciation are “Quality Time,” “Tangible Gifts” and “Physical Touch.”

The book includes a free online assessment to assist you in identifying your language. I use this book and the assessment with my own staff so that I can more effectively show my appreciation for them and it truly enhances work relationships and improves communications. It is equally important in our personal relationships, as don’t we want those we love to know how much we truly appreciate them? Learning other people’s language of appreciation can dramatically impact relationships, as well as motivate and inspire people. What better time of year than now to expand our ability to show our gratitude?

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