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Time to Prepare

A time of renewal, rebirth and hope, spring has arrived. The one-year anniversary of Work2Live’s shutdown also arrived this week and as I reflected on how chaotic last spring was, I couldn’t help but feel gratitude for the experience. Yes, it was quite chaotic at this time last year and downright terrifying to cancel every event on our calendar. But the calendar filled right back up with virtual events within a couple of weeks, so in hindsight, it was something of a re-birth for us. And this year, the calendar is jam-packed with virtual events and it feels normal that we work this way. So, I’m grateful for the growth and learning the shutdown prompted a year ago and I’m grateful that we’re still here and continuing to grow. I’m also staying open and curious to what this spring’s rebirth or renewal might be.

I’m also grateful that hope is in the air. The vaccines may not be a cure-all for the many challenges we’re facing, but it finally feels like we might be moving in the right direction. And that, of course, prompts the question – what’s next?

As much as I love a good plan, I think it’s too early for that, but it does feel like it’s time to start preparing for a plan, which coincides perfectly with spring. It’s a good time to start cleaning up unfinished projects, to start making space for whatever is coming next and to reflect on who we were pre-pandemic, who we are now, and who we want to be post-pandemic. For many of us, our identities are intertwined with our work, and for many, that changed drastically over the past year. Part of my identity was public speaking, which disappeared over night. And although I definitely struggled to transform into a virtual communicator, that’s now part of my identity instead. Now, I get to decide what’s next: a return to the old identity, to keep this new one, or to transform into something altogether new.

Unlike my pre-pandemic self, I’m okay with not knowing yet. I’ve definitely changed over the past year and as much as I want to start planning what’s next, I’ve learned to wait, accepting how fluid life is these days. My mindfulness practice has substantially deepened through this pandemic experience and staying present has probably saved my mental health from too much harm.

So, instead of planning out my future right now, it feels like preparing for the new beginning that’s coming is a better approach. But how do we prepare for the unknown?

Today’s guest, Desiree Cocroft, provides us with some insights. Desiree is a certified Leadership and Life Coach, the founder and CEO of Destination LIFE, a trainer and consultant with Franklin-Covey, and author of Get Your Life Today.*

Desiree’s advice of embracing the identity of who we want to be really resonated for me. We can all find inspiration by observing great things others are doing, we can reflect on the best parts of our own identities that we want to keep and we can stay open to the possibilities that will continue to unfold over the next few months as we begin to emerge into a post-pandemic world. If you’d like more information on Desiree’s work or her book, Get Your Life Today, visit her website at

Until next time. Please be mindful, and be kind to yourself and others.

*As an Amazon Associate, W2L may earn a small commission*

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