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Mindful Moments with Angela Dimarco

In a world where change is a constant and we are continuously striving for something bigger, better or more, it’s easy to be swept away by external events. But true transformation starts within. Angela DiMarco can show us how to begin.

Angela DiMarco spent her formative years working at well-known advertising agencies in NYC. Over many late nights, Angela helped in creating on-brand, effective work across all mediums, gaining invaluable experience working with huge, national clients.

Years later, the pandemic led her back to her passion of wanting to help the little guy by making guidance accessible to those who long to re-discover themselves, and today, we’ll talk about her journey from 25 years as a creative marketing director to founder of and Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Phenom Publishing. We’ll also talk about her new book, Uniquely U. Update #52: The Birth of a Bright-eyed Entrepreneur.

Uniquely U. is an uncommon commonplace that brings opportunity for teachers and students with the core essence of finding and nurturing that unique, differentiating factor and value proposition, and shining a light on it as a personal brand. Angela has been known throughout her career as the “Connector” and Uniquely U. is the ultimate platform for her to bring people together who can spark ideas and set dream-achieving action into motion. You can find out more about Angela and her work at

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