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Mindful Moments with Rob Krecak

Technology is neither good nor bad, but it’s all in how we use it. Rob Krecak is an expert in productivity, getting all of our work done in a 4-day work-week, and in managing technology to maximize its benefits.

Recently, I sat down with Rob Krecak, to talk about the impact technology can have on our mental health. Rob founded Humans First to provide a one-of-a-kind consulting experience to help humanity understand how technology impacts mental health, relationships, and productivity at work. Rob thinks there is always something to be learned from everyone, and he lets his curiosity guide conversations.

Thank you again to Rob for a thought-provoking conversation on technology and productivity today. You can find more information about Rob’s work at, and don’t forget to take advantage of Rob’s generous free half-hour consultation by emailing and mentioning this podcast.

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