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Mindfulness Without Meditation

While mindfulness is quite the popular practice these days, many people want to become more mindful sans meditation. I believe meditation is a vital practice on its own to move us into a state of inner awareness and will not only continue practicing myself, but will continue to encourage others to find a meditation practice that works for them as well. However, I truly believe the world would be a much better place if everyone was mindful, so I am always looking for exercises, activities and information on building mindfulness skills that don’t necessarily include meditation.

Meditation is simply not for everyone and there is even a small portion of the population that experience a negative reaction to it. So finding alternative techniques to strengthen mindfulness benefits both those who can’t or don’t enjoy meditation as the main pathway to do so.

I had a discussion with Kristen Manieri, a Certified Mindfulness Teacher through the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She’s also a Certified Habits Coach through the Tiny Habits Academy under Stanford University Behavior Scientist BJ Fogg. In addition to being a writer and coach, Kristen is the host of the 60 Mindful Minutes podcast, which launched in 2017, and has produced inspiring and thought-provoking interviews with over 130 authors. Her new book, Better Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simple Changes with Lifelong Impact, is full of helpful tips to increase mindfulness.

I really appreciated Kristen’s message that we don’t have to strive to be mindful every moment of the day, but to choose to have several mindful moments instead. Life happens in those moments, so it’s well worth the effort to start a practice and keep adding to it.

Until next time. We can live better lives and create a better world. All it takes to get started is a mindful moment.

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